Seth – He called God



prayer warrior

Gen 4:26 “And as for Seth, to him also a son was born; and he named him Enos. Then men began to call on the name of the LORD.” This is the first mentioned incident where men prayed unto God or called upon the name of the Lord. Seth is known as the first man of prayer in the Holy Bible. Before this we see that men worshiped God, but there is no mention about praying to God. In Gen:3, 4 we read of Cain and Abel bringing an offering to God.

1.   There were times where they could and should have prayed but they did not pray to God.

  1.  Adam and Eve committed sin became naked and they were frightened of God. They neither prayed for mercy nor asked for mercy from God. Gen 3:9-10
  2.  God placed a curse on Adam and Eve because of their failure to pray and ask for mercy. Gen 3:15-19.
  3.  Cain was cursed and frightened but he never prayed to God. Gen 4:11-14.

 2.   Instead of praying they made their own efforts, though their efforts failed they did not pray.

  1.  When Adam and Eve became naked they made their own efforts instead of calling upon God. Even today we follow the same tradition instead of calling upon the Lord. Gen 3:7.
  2.  Though the fig leaves dried and they could not cover their nakedness, they did not call upon the God.
  3.  When the Lord came they hide themselves behind the bushes, instead of calling upon the name of the Lord. Gen 3:8.
  4.  Cain ran away from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod. He trusted in the shaking land not in the Lord. Gen 4:16.
  5.  He established a city after his son and tried security in that city instead of calling on the Lord. Gen 4:17.

3.   But when Enos was born to Seth, he called upon the name of the Lord. Gen 4:26.



When a son was born to Seth, he knew that he had to be the righteous generation to keep the name of the Lord. By that time the sons of Cain were strong and popular. They had founded cities and towns and gave them their names. Seth remembered the names when Cain killed Abel, his own brother, because of his righteous life. He knew that Cain and his children could easily kill his son Seth because he was the seed of righteousness. Seth knew that his son Enos could not compete with the sons of Cain in any respect. He knew that there was only one way by which he could keep his generation and that was to call on the name of the lord.


As God’s people we must pray for our children and their generation who live in this wicked and adulterous generation. Our children cannot save themselves from the wicked generation. The only way to save and keep a righteous generation in this world is by prayer. Because of the prayers of the righteous people like Seth and his generation, the world is still in existence, and righteous people are still found in this world. Will you make up your mind to pray for your generation? Will you be a man of prayer in this wicked world for your children and for the righteous people?


Source: Prayer warrior – 1 By Dr. M. A. Thomas


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