Stop Bible priniting in India

Stop spreading this false news : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ordered to stop the BIBLE printing in BIBLE SOCIETY OF INDIA

A bunch of friends and Indian Christians are passing around this false message viral through mobile phones, internet, emails and Facebook asking prayer about the issue. To verify the Issue I directly mailed to The Bible Society of India about the matter is it True or False.

From Peter Paul to Bible Society of India :

Greetings in Jesus name,

Sir, I have been hearing rumors about Bible printing that The Prime Minister Narendra Modi ordered to stop the BIBLE printing in BIBLE SOCIETY OF INDIA.

Is it true?

we will pray about the matter.

God bless you and your work.

Peter Paul

From Bible Society of India to Peter Paul:



So Please do not pass around like these false rumors unless they are not reliable.

The Indian Prime Minister will not do anything like that for Indian Christians who are living in Hindustan for 2000 years. He is a Godly Man. God Bless India and God Bless Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Once again, I am telling that It is the False unverified rumor spreading very fast. Please do not send or share this bad news about the Living Word of God.





25 thoughts on “Stop Bible priniting in India

  1. I believe that shri Modi will not do this to us or any other religion. Thank you for Sharing we thought It was true but after reading this all. I am happy about the word of God.

    1. i was really shook when i heard it.there are many souls to be saved in India so if such thing really happen what would be. thank God that it was false.

  2. Sir Mr MODI is a Good PM and Good Business man and he would like to see INDIA as a bright Nation if he want to create a problem to Minorities then nobody will come and invest Money and establish Companies in INDIA so do not worry about Mr MODI.He can do good to all Pray to our Lard Jesus Christ about nation and for PM MODI.

  3. We prayed for him even before he was elected the PM … We Believe That God Choose Him To Be THE APPOINTED RULER Over our nation.. We’ll Continue to pray for him to be a ruler like solomon.. God Bless:..

    1. Thanks bro for sharing the truth, our pm sir modi is a very good administrator!don’t know why this false news are proclaiming we have to pray for those who are spreading this false news,may god transform there lives.MAY GOD BLESS OUR PM MODI AND INDIA AMEN.

  4. I am happy and great to know that it is false.Let’s keep on spreading the words of God.We have to keep on praying for our country’s spiritual life.May his guidance be with us.

  5. Thank you for your kind act in spreading the truth.I appreciate it sir.i got 101 messages about this rumor and i was doubtful.Thanks again for the contribution.

  6. I dnt think that modi will spoke about this. Hindustan is a religious country there are many religion. Hindu,Muslim,Christian, Sikh. no one can stop this we Love our own lovely God.

    thank you.

  7. Bible mania families stock thousands of bibles in their homes. Each house may have at least two bibles per person whether in use or not.Christians seem to be nice and blessed for others to see but inside they are sheep in the wolfs cloths. First seek God and all things added unto you. Dont cheat God in the name of ministry. really no peace in the christian families.

  8. our Honorable prime minister can not say like this he is a good man in fact he god fearing man let’s pray for our country so that peace may prevail.

  9. I received as well many a time But I never believed those since it come without reliable sources . Thanks for good work for the public who got such and is a victim 🙂

  10. Enemies are not outside. They are within our Christian Community. Jesus said this that one’s own family members are against them.

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