Five men attacked Pastor Quang in Vietnam

Please Pray for Pastor Nguyễn Hồng Quang in Vietnam.Quang

On Sunday, 18 January at about 4:30pm in the afternoon, Pastor Quang and his associate Pastor were attacked by five men only 500 meters from his Bible College.
The attack occurred without provocation as the two pastors were set upon by these five assailants who used bricks and rocks to batter their heads. When they collapsed to the ground from the initial attack the attackers proceeded to kick their bodies relentlessly. Both pastors were taken to the emergency hospital to be treated. Pastor Quang, who suffered the more serious of the injuries, was then taken to the local hospital for further treatment and observation.
VOM contacts have informed us that Pastor Quang has received a broken nose, broken ribs, facial injuries including injuries to his teeth and jaw. They also provided this photo taken in his hospital room.
Presently he is in severe pain and has been vomiting during his time at the hospital.
Pastor Quang, who is a trained lawyer in addition to being a pastor, has been attacked many times before, but this time he has serious injuries needing urgent careful attention. Please pray for both pastors who were injured in this vicious attack that happened in broad daylight. Vietnamese police have not apprehended anyone responsible for this attack.
Please PRAY fervently for his recovery, and for his church members to remain bold witnesses for Christ in spite of this pressure. Also share this request with your Christian friends.



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