About Peter Paul


Name: Peter Paul

Surname: Manday

Birthday : 19 November

Age: 21 Years old.

Parents: Pastor Bala and Rani

Siblings: John David and Janet Jyoti

Likes: Reading Holy Bible (I recommend NKJV and KJV)  and sharing gospel, riding bike(I don’t know how it became my habit but I like it), posting Christian messages in FaceBook

Aim: Praying that God will make preacher of Christ Jesus in India.

Member of : Jesus Mission Church

Present position: Under-graduate of B.A.  of St. Johns, Agra (One of the oldest colleges in Asia)

Prayer point: Please pray that I may get a college seat in Moody Bible College, Chicago

favorite quote: I will kill for God’s will ( I will kill your sin for the will of God by the word of God)

Other: Founder of  Bibleatoz.com

Contact Me: jm@jesusmission.in, mypeterpaul@gmail.com

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Updated on 02  February 2014